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Our drinks menu is comprised of a selection of our favourite wines, English Ciders, Beers, Spirits, Cordials, Spirits & Cocktails. We have a limited cellar so our drinks offering is likely to change and the menu may well be different to our sample menu.

We have a 'Prestige List' available containing some Rare and Limited bottles from our cellar which will be available when dining with us.

We have 2 Drinks Journey's available

Drinks Journey- 6 Drinks Chosen by us- £55pp

Prestige Drinks Journey- 6 Prestige drinks chosen by us- £89pp

Sample Menu below is subject to change and may be different at the time of dining.

Drinks List May 20232.png
Drinks List May 202311.png
Drinks List May 20234.png
Drinks List May 20235.png
Drinks List May 20236.png
Drinks List May 20237.png
Drinks List May 20238.png
Drinks List May 20239.png
Drinks List May 202310.png
Drinks List May 202313.png
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